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Anden Fund

The Fund is a multi-asset class fund with the objective of providing investors with high capital growth. Listed on hte BSX the fund pursues niche, profitable opportunities on a global basis. The investment of multi-assets shall be carried out through the Fund’s Sub-Fund structures and continue through SPVs so as to rationalize the investment.

Anden Sub-Fund I is the initial Sub-Fund to be launched by the Fund. The assets of the Anden Sub-Fund 1 shall comprise predominantly cash and interests in financial institutions, and a variety of niche highly profitable industrial projects with specific advantages over competitors (IP, technological, niche markets, etc).

Primary investment in the following areas:

  • Investment into approved financial institutions and other venture capital activities
  • Investment into approved companies for the purpose of listing and proceeding with an IPO
  • Underwriting and/or issuance of appropriate investments and provide asset backing for the issue of bank instruments with approved financial institutions
  • Raise funds and cash based on its assets and the above investment activities
  • Establish and manage additional funds as may be required
  • Purchase and trade in assets, properties and securities.
  • Accept assets as investment into the fund being resources owned by a company which have future economic value that can be measured and be expressed in dollars, can include cash, investments, accounts receivable, inventory, supplies, land, buildings, equipment, and shares.

The investment philosophy of Anden Sub-Fund I will be:

  • In pursuit of absolute return
  • Trading stocks and shares of publicly listed companies, equity in private companies and trading financial instruments
  • One which concentrates on the manager of the Fund’s specialty and specifically its pricing skill of derivative products, its local information and its quantitative statistical systematic approach
  • A low cost operation in that it uses offshore stock lending facilities and discounted commissions
  • Provide Guarantee and Surety for investments
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Pacific Eagle Capital

Building Societies have been a part of our global financial services since 1774 when they were first formed in the United Kingdom. Building Societies globally have consistently provided a stable structure to provide a range of financial services to their members.

Pacific Eagle Capital, established in 2007, is no ordinary building society as we strive to assist our members to reach their goals. We assist our clients in building their businesses and trade relationships worldwide as the world markets have the greatest volume of trade so no one country is sufficient to deal with the growing demand for good trade products and services.

Beginning in 2015 we began providing expertise and consulting in the arena of taking companies to Public Markets. Additionally we have matched capital requirements of these expanding entities with prospective investors.

Our positive and proven track record through good times and bad speaks for itself. Pacific Eagle Capital is committed to upholding this tradition of providing financial services that benefit our members in the global financial markets. Pacific Eagle Capital after many 1000s of transactions in the last many years has only had less than 0.1% in deals that didn’t go the plan for Pacific Eagle Capital, this is a very low percentage and speaks for its self.  Pacific Eagle Capital has since the middle of 2015 been building its close ties to Asia’s large investment houses that have very large assets in their portfolios and have been supporting Pacific Eagle Capital to increase their underwriting of Pacific Eagle Capital instruments. The newly established surety bonding insurance relationships to underwrite Pacific Eagle Capital’s trade finance and other instruments has now been granted to a value no less than USD12 Billion which adds a very strong rated security for those members who may require the added security in their business or trade.

Pacific Eagle Capital is also looking to expand and move its key business to the Asia Pacific region in the next 24 months which will make its business more assessable to its international members, who don’t travel to New Zealand. Pacific Eagle Capital is now also currently working on a new listing for an asset management group in Asia who hold assets of in-excess of 33 Billion USD. This has lead Pacific Eagle Capital to only deal with high net wealth groups, institutions and international corporations and the need to deal with the public at large is no longer a business model the board of directors intends to continue.

The future success for Pacific Eagle Capital will be in its ability to maintain its RMAs with banks and other financial institutions which now Pacific Eagle Capital is proud to hold around 300 in over 50 countries worldwide the hard work of our inter banking staff has helped us to work tirelessly to reach this level of success.  

One Anametrics

One Anametrics Intertrade Limited

One Anametrics Intertrade Limited or commonly known as “OAIL”, was established on the 11th of November, 2011. Its core business activities are mainly international trade, specializing in the fields of Oil & Gas, Commodities Trading, Logistics and Investments. One Anametrics slogan “One World….. One Anametrics – Business Without Borders” reflects the dynamism of the current world of trade being “One” and borderless. One Anametrics is unique as it belongs to a financial holding group of companies, being the backbone of its undertakings.



Kwan Hua offers a range of investment banking and strategic advisory services. It also has a separate private banking activity.
We conduct financial advisory assignments in China, Asia and other markets to identify, select and negotiate mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We also conduct divestitures, debt and equity financing and restructurings. Our team has a strong track record of providing corporate finance advice in China, the US, Europe and other Asian markets. Our experience includes the investment in, and acquisition of, both state-owned and private enterprises by both strategic and financial investors.
As part of this service we identify potential acquisition targets or joint venture partners, conduct preliminary and commercial due diligence, background research, financial modelling and provide structuring and documentation advice. We seek to identify potential deal-breakers as early as possible and, throughout these assignments, we focus on providing our clients with an overall commercial perspective to help them assess the likely risks and rewards of any transaction.

WWCC Renewable Energy Trust

WWCC Renewable Energy Trust

WWCC has a mission to develop renewable, carbon adsorbing, green and clean energy that can provide a high quality, competitive alternative to ‘old’ hydrocarbon sources.
Our mission is shaped upon the following world views:
That energy demand is going to continue to increase.
Readily available sources of oil are diminishing and becoming more inaccessible and expensive to extract.
Multiple energy alternatives are required on the demand (efficiency) and supply (alternatives) side.
The environmental impact of using ‘old’ hydrocarbon sources as the primary source of energy is untenable and unsustainable.
Technological developments can and will provide solutions and in particular, with respect to WWCC, that the developments in genetics offers the potential to produce ‘New’ oil at commercially viable rates of production.


Green Globe Energy Co Ltd

Green Globe Energy (GGE) is at the forefront of promoting the way Thailand produces and uses energy. Strongly positioned to develop, build, and operate the clean energy infrastructure of the future, GGE is already working with global generating power leader who have sustainable track records in building and maintaining more than 100 energy projects for its utility-scale customers in the China, and the rest of the world and leading Thailand’s transition to a renewable energy future.

Green Globe Energy is deeply rooted in Thailand, the up-coming Asia energy market and a country with incredible renewable resource potential. As of 2014, the installed capacity of renewable energy in Q1 / 2014 was 3,969 MW, accounting for 12.2% of total power capacity in Thailand. (Source: DEDE)

Thailand is expected to become one of the leading solar PV markets in Southeast Asia. It was one of the first Asian countries to pursue renewable energy development, putting in place policy incentives back in 2006. Thailand also vision to be the promoter for green energy in Indochina region. The company target to create thousands of jobs in industries and communities across the country.

Green Globe Energy will seek the support from the Government, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to be the Asia No.1 clean energy firm from Thailand.
An accelerated shift to a low-carbon economy will require rapidly scaled-up investments in renewable energy industries. Green Globe commits investments in low-carbon technologies that roughly contributes US$200 billion a year in 2011 to nearly US$2 trillion a year over the next few decades—a tenfold increase—to keep the world within a greenhouse gases stabilization pathway of 450 parts per million (ppm) CO2 , or global average temperatures within 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels. (Source: World Resources Institute)



Anametrics International (HK) Ltd was recently established in Hong Kong, China to focus on supporting China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiatives. Anametrics is strategically positioned to provide structured financing and impact management skills collectively by Anametrics group of companies to realize this enormous task at hand. Armed with a proprietary “risks” rating intelligence platform, it is a matter of time such data is able to capture substantial market share in corporate ratings market at the direction of the Chinese government. Anametrics base in Hong Kong is set up as an offshore entity, with the capacity to act as a “trustee” in designated transactions as directed by the management.



We design transparent, compliant, tax-efficient investment structures for high net-worth individuals and institutions. We strive to meet the sophisticated needs of institutional clients by fully addressing their often intricate risk guidelines, investment horizons, and return requirements. We also offer superior solutions to high net-worth individuals by extending tax advantages other jurisdictions. By combining its unique entrepreneurial culture with a wide variety of capital planning and administrative services, Marathon is well positioned to become a financial industry powerhouse.



Anametrics created historic commercial undertaking  offering a flexible trade finance program tailor-made specifically for IMT-GT SMEs. IMT-GT SMEs will also be given a new packaging by having its businesses consolidated under a proprietary platform using algorithmic values to rate itself or better known as “IBB Business Risk Rating”.  ATF Bancor LLP was set up to spearhead the Trade Financing activities by appointing Authorised Representatives (AR) in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.


Thai Commerce and Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Thai Commerce and Asset Management Co., Ltd. (TCAAM) is a strategic and wealth management consulting company with global perspectives, having subsidiaries and associates in most major cities around the world. TCAAM was founded in 2010 by a diversified group of professionals on the principle that consultants must immersed themselves as part of their client’s operations and their success is based on their clients’ financial performance. Multi-nationals and companies, which are aggressive and aspires to expand beyond their present boundaries, prefer to work with us as we are as passionate about their business as they are.
TCAAM draws on the knowledge and experience of its people, whose skills span the initial generation of ideas, insights and solutions all the way through implementation. Our organization distinguishes itself from its competitors through the range and the level of experience of its people, the depth of its industry insight, the use of technology and also its independence and culture of respect, collaboration and flexibility even in working with clients of multi-faceted industries.
We help management make the big decisions: on policies, finance, operations, mergers & acquisitions, technology, organization and/or simply meeting bottom lines. A “one stop” think tank that provide not only solutions but positive results. TCAAM is affiliated to Anametrics Holdings Limited, a conglomerate with net worth exceeding US$35 Billion. Anametrics also has its own investment fund with a strong pedigree in successfully exploiting and incubating intellectual property, technology and know-how especially in the renewable energy sector and mining. Hence, we don’t just talk the walk but walk the talk.