Anden Fund

The Fund is a multi-asset class fund with the objective of providing investors with high capital growth. Listed on the BSX the fund pursues niche, profitable opportunities on a global basis. The investment of multi-assets shall be carried out through the Fund’s Sub-Fund structures and continue through SPVs so as to rationalize the investment.

Anden Sub-Fund I is the initial Sub-Fund to be launched by the Fund. The assets of the Anden Sub-Fund 1 shall comprise predominantly cash and interests in financial institutions, and a variety of niche highly profitable industrial projects with specific advantages over competitors (IP, technological, niche markets, etc).

Primary investment in the following areas:

  • Investment into approved financial institutions and other venture capital activities
  • Investment into approved companies for the purpose of listing and proceeding with an IPO
  • Underwriting and/or issuance of appropriate investments and provide asset backing for the issue of bank instruments with approved financial institutions
  • Raise funds and cash based on its assets and the above investment activities
  • Establish and manage additional funds as may be required
  • Purchase and trade in assets, properties and securities.
  • Accept assets as investment into the fund being resources owned by a company which have future economic value that can be measured and be expressed in dollars, can include cash, investments, accounts receivable, inventory, supplies, land, buildings, equipment, and shares.

The investment philosophy of Anden Sub-Fund I will be:

  • In pursuit of absolute return
  • Trading stocks and shares of publicly listed companies, equity in private companies and trading financial instruments
  • One which concentrates on the manager of the Fund’s specialty and specifically its pricing skill of derivative products, its local information and its quantitative statistical systematic approach
  • A low cost operation in that it uses offshore stock lending facilities and discounted commissions
  • Provide Guarantee and Surety for investments

One Anametrics Intertrade Limited

One Anametrics Intertrade Limited or commonly known as “OAIL”, was established on the 11th of November, 2011. Its core business activities are mainly international trade, specializing in the fields of Oil & Gas, Commodities Trading, Logistics and Investments. One Anametrics slogan “One World….. One Anametrics – Business Without Borders” reflects the dynamism of the current world of trade being “One” and borderless. One Anametrics is unique as it belongs to a financial holding group of companies, being the backbone of its undertakings.

WWCC Renewable Energy Trust

WWCC has a mission to develop renewable, carbon adsorbing, green and clean energy that can provide a high quality, competitive alternative to ‘old’ hydrocarbon sources.
Our mission is shaped upon the following world views:
That energy demand is going to continue to increase.
Readily available sources of oil are diminishing and becoming more inaccessible and expensive to extract.
Multiple energy alternatives are required on the demand (efficiency) and supply (alternatives) side.
The environmental impact of using ‘old’ hydrocarbon sources as the primary source of energy is untenable and unsustainable.
Technological developments can and will provide solutions and in particular, with respect to WWCC, that the developments in genetics offers the potential to produce ‘New’ oil at commercially viable rates of production.